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The community at Adore Night adoring Jesus Christ.

Adore Night

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
- Matthew 11:28

Discover the transformative power of Eucharistic Adoration and Praise & Worship—a direct encounter with God that brings joy, peace, and hope. Amid life's trials, Adore Night offers a sacred pause to commune with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Held at Saint Louis Catholic Church and various parishes in Miami, FL, this free event welcomes all ages. Join us for a night of prayer, strengthening your Catholic faith and deepening your relationship with God. Let His peace envelop you as we adore, praise & worship together.


Stay tuned for details on the next Adore Night. Join us in this inspiring journey.


Adore Night Photography: Jacob and John Plante

Adore Night in Miami, FL
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